The « Passeport Talent »

The law of March 7th, 2016 came to create a new said status  » passport talent  » allowing the delivery of a multiannual residence permit, codified in the article L 313-20 of the Code of the stay of the foreigners and the right of asylum ( CESEDA).

The Circular of November 2nd, 2016 emitted by the services of the Ministry of Interior NOR: INTV1631686J recalls that this new status pursues  » objectives of simplification and attractiveness of procedure for foreigners in France, in order to contribute to make the national territory more attractive for the international talents « .

You can receive a  » passport talent  » if you belong to one of the ten categories defined by the articleL 313-20 du CESEDA .

Knowing that some of them used to exist under other independent statuses, in particular the former  » European Blue Card « , the residency permit « Compétence et Talent » or the former  » Employee in mission « .Are concerned:

– Employees with a diploma level of a Master’s degree


– Highly qualified employment (former  » European Blue Card « )


– Employee in mission

– Researcher (former Scientist-researcher)

– Company creator

– Leader of an innovative economic Project  (recognized as such by a public body)

– Direct economic Investor

– Company proxy

– Artist

– National and international famous Foreigner

The Lawyers of the Network TERRAVOCATS accompany people avid to receive such a  » passport talent  » at the consular or prefectorial stage, wether they live or not yet on the national territory.

  • Date 18 October 2017
  • Tags Immigration Law