Residency Permits

To remain in France for any period beyond three months, non-European foreigners must obtain a residency permit.

Temporary residency card valid for 1 year

Residency permits “private and family life”

Foreigners who can demonstrate and justify family bonds in France can obtain a residency permit “private and family life” that is renewable and includes a work permit: conjoint de français ;

  • parent of a French child;
  • Children who arrive in France under the age of 13;
  • Children between the ages of 16-19 taken in charge by social services.

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Residency permits for professional reasons

Depending on your professional situation you can request a work permit for professional reasons :

  • Salaried employee;
  • Small business owner or artisan;
  • Liberal professions;
  • Trainee or intern;
  • Seasonal worker;

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Medical residency permit

I you or your spouse, or your child, suffer from severe health problems, and that you can prove that you cannot benefit from treatment in your home country, you can request a residency permit for medical reasons.

Student residency permit

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The « Passeport Talent »

The law of March 7th, 2016 came to create a new said status  » passport talent  » allowing the delivery of a multiannual residence permit, codified in the article L 313-20 of the Code of the stay of the foreigners and the right of asylum ( CESEDA).

The Circular of November 2nd, 2016 emitted by the services of the Ministry of Interior NOR: INTV1631686J recalls that this new status pursues  » objectives of simplification and attractiveness of procedure for foreigners in France, in order to contribute to make the national territory more attractive for the international talents « .

You can receive a  » passport talent  » if you belong to one of the ten categories defined by the article L 313-20 du CESEDA .

As an example, such a « passport talent » will be delivered if you justify of a serious company project, if you are an employee in mission in France having signed a contract in France planning a remuneration of at least 1,8 times the SMIC, if you are an artist-interpreter living on your activity etc.

Other residency permits

There are other residency permits that allow you to reside in France on condition that you do not work (visitors, retirees…

Residence permit valid for 10 years;

I you have regularly lived in France for more than five years (except for exceptions) and can demonstrate sufficient financial resources, you can be eligible for a residency permit valid for 10 years.

Changed status

If your family or professional situation change, you can request a different status from the one on your initial residency permit.

Exceptional request for

Given exceptional circumstances, or under certain humanitarian conditions, you can benefit from residency outside of previously mentioned circumstances and cases:

  • Residence in France for more than ten years;
  • Victims of human trafficking;
  • Excellent professional adaptation/integration;

The networks lawyers advise you on conditions leading to deliverance of such residence permits and assist you in presenting your file.

They can also accompany you top Préfecture.

Should your request be denied, the Network’s lawyers can appeal such an opposition through the Administrative Court.

  • Date 9 December 2016
  • Tags Immigration Law