Professional immigration / International mobility

Professional immigration / International mobility

There are numerous different cases under which a foreign national may come and work in France.

Citizens of the Schengen countries may work in France without any visas or residency permits.

For those outside the Schengen zone each case may require different and specific visas/residency permits and thus different procedures.

The cases vary according to the foreign worker’s status: salaried employee, employee on a specific mission, scientist-researcher, seasonal worker, apprentice, independent contractor, shopkeeper, artist, etc.,

Under current law, foreigners’ job searches must coincide with French employment needs.  Any employer who wishes to hire a foreigner form outside the Schengen area must demonstrate that he cannot find a candidate with the required skill profile on the French work market.

The procedure to obtain a work permit for foreign workers is complex. It is recommended that an applicant request assistance for all its steps.  Network attorneys assist people, and potential employers, during the various steps.

There is an exception for « passport talent » holders.

The law of March 7th, 2016 came to create a new said status  « passport talent  » allowing the delivery of a multiannual residence permit, codified in the article L 313-20 of the Code of the stay of the foreigners and the right of asylum ( CESEDA).

The Circular of November 2nd, 2016 emitted by the services of the Ministry of Interior NOR: INTV1631686J recalls that this new status pursues  » objectives of simplification and attractiveness of procedure for foreigners in France, in order to contribute to make the national territory more attractive for the international talents « .

You can receive a  » passport talent  » if you belong to one of the ten categories defined by the article L 313-20 du CESEDA .

As an example, such a « passport talent » will be delivered if you justify of a serious company project, if you are an employee in mission in France having signed a contract in France planning a remuneration of at least 1,8 times the SMIC, if you are an artist-interpreter living on your activity etc.

To work in any commercial, industrial or artisanal venture, the foreigner must justify that the activity is economically viable or, if joining an existing business, prove that the business can pay at least the going French minimum wage.  A credible and substantial file must document this.

TERRAVOCATS Network attorneys assist and counsel foreign shopkeepers and assist and counsel during all these procedures.

  • Date 9 December 2016
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