Penal Court Procedures

Trial in criminal court may be determined for different reasons, among them:

  • Request by an investigating magistrate (juge d’instruction) (cf instruction),
  • Summons by a judiciary police officer (COPJ),
  • Procedure of immediate hearing (CF comparution immédiate),
  • Summons by a ‘procès verbal’ (CPV).

The accused may be seconded by a lawyer.

During the proceeding the accused may remain silent, and be assisted by a lawyer.

He/she will be questioned on about the charges against him/her. The victim will also be heard and questioned.

The victim’s lawyer pleads first. The prosecutor lays out his case and proposes a sentence. The defense attorney pleads last.

The verdict can be announced the same day or be delayed. In that case, the judges announce a date for the verdict.

If you are summoned to appear in criminal court it is important that rapidly you contact one of the network’s lawyers so that you can prepare your defense.

  • Date 9 December 2016
  • Tags Criminal Law