Nationality is a legal link between a State and its citizen(s)

Automatic acquisition of French nationality

By principle, a person is French if his or her genealogy proves that one of his or her parents is French .

French nationality is automatically acquired by foreigners born in France upon their eighteenth (18th) birthday on condition that they be in France when they request it, and , also, that they have lived in France for at least five (5) years between the age of eleven (11) and eighteen (18.)

Acquisition by declaration

French nationality can also be acquires by “declaration” on the following conditions :

  • After four (4) years of marriage with a French national
  • Adoption by a French national
  • Child in the care and tutelage of “l’Aide sociale à l’enfance”
  • Proving that one has been French for more than ten (10) years.

Naturalisation or re-intégration of French nationality

Naturalisation proceedings are open to foreigners who have established their private and familial goals in France

Any rejection or undue delay of naturalisation request may can be faugh and then appealed, by network lawyers, at the Ministry of the Interior and Nantes’ Administrative Tribunal

  • Date 9 December 2016
  • Tags Immigration Law