Foreign students

Under some conditions foreigners may begin, or continue, University and/or post-graduate studies in France.

This requires applying for a  « student » long-term visa via the « Études en France » (ex « Campus France ») department at their home country’s French consulate. There, the request will be examined to determine its realism, good faith and coherence.

Should a visa be denied, network attorneys may appeal the decision through administrative channels or in court via the Commission de Recourse contra les Refuse de visas (CRREV) and the Administrative Court in Nantes.

If a visa is approved, at the end of its one-year validity, the prefect of the area where the student resides will deliver a residency permit valid, for one or more years, on a case-by-case basis.

Should a student renewal be refused, network attorneys can rapidly appeal this decision through the appropriate court.

While foreign students are normally expected to return to home countries upon completion of their studies in France, they may request a change of status if they wish to experience a first job in France or if, during their studies, they have entered into a family relationship on French territory.

Network attorneys assist people in all dealing with local administrations (Péfectures) and/or defend the interests of foreign students if they need to appeal unfavourable decisions

  • Date 9 December 2016
  • Tags Immigration Law