Family immigration

Foreigners have a right to a privacy and respect in their personal and family life

  • ent familial) for members of the family of a foreigner with the status of a refugee in France
  • Spousal visa request and spousal residence permit for a couple one of who is French.
  • Residency request for parents of a child with French nationality.
  • Residency request for a dependant in the care of (ascendant à charge ) a French national or of his/her foreign spouse, or « child under the age of 21 still in the care » of a French citizen.

Different judicial procedures exist according for different and individual cases:

  • Family reunion (Regroupement familial) for members of the family of a foreigner with a residence/work permit in France.
  • Family reunification (Rapprochem

Visa request and residency request for members of a family (famille de communautaire) of European Union citizen.

  • Residency requests for Private & Family life  (vie privée et familiale) for people whose « personal and family » links to France – evaluated with regard to their intensity, longevity and stability, of the requiree’s current condition, of his adaptability into French Society, as well as the nature of his ties to the family that remained in their country of origin—are such that a refusal to grant a stay in France would constitute an disproportionate attack on his/her right to private and family life. »
  • Attorneys of this Network assist people in their requests for: visas, residency permit applications in the prefectures, family reunion dossiers, and appeals against rejected visa or residency permits
  • Date 9 December 2016
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